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Status Update?

Yeah, I know, I still don't have an ic journal yet. Deal. But is this going anywhere? Do people want to play? I do, badly. I know there was an issue with mods not having time for this, in which case I volunteer myself, but that's not the point.

What is keeping the game from starting? Do we need more players? If that is the case, then we need to get some serious pimpage going on. Temeraire isn't a big fandom, but the civil war is. I haven't done much digging, but I'm sure there are some Civil War comms we can advertise at, and there's a million and one rp advertising comms.

Do we need plot? Then let's get more polls up, further nailing down the setting. What year are we starting in? Luckily, there is a decent amount of plot built in to the civil war. I say we pick a battle, open in media res, and go from there. Any crews that aren't staffed by PC's can be NPC'ed by dragon and captain, then conveniently killed off if a player ever comes to fill in. It was the bloodiest war yet, after all.

Is there just no enthusiasm? If that's the case, why? Temeraire is a setting begging to be rp'ed, and everyone I've read through the comments seemed excited. I feel there is just not enough direction to this game, and if this is unwelcome I'm sorry, but like I said, I want Temrer rp. Badly. As in, spent two hours googling the Confederate uniforms and army life badly. And this game has too well-thought out roots to die before blooming.


Just clearing up the application rules:

You can't make up your own dragon or captain, but you can either 1) choose one from the current list (provided that the player agrees to be with you), and 2) grab a friend and have him/her apply as your partner. Just make sure to tell me that you're going together so I can keep you together~

(Hahaha, I'll make up a proper post for all the app rules when I get home by Monday, Rea. o: And fix stuff, yep yep. :3)

BTW, you can start picking partners. :'D So far, I was thinking of pairing up the following, but please say if you want someone else:

- Lionel and Hephaestus, with Michael Pierce as part of their crew.
- We still need captains for Havelock and Aurelia (both lightweights), as well as a Longwing for Flavia.
- Uh. *stares at the Southerners* Arliss would like a newly hatched lightweight dragon, and Alacris (lightweight) needs a captain.
- The player of the characters that were approved but haven't sent in their LJ character names and profile summary yet, please do. o: Vivacius?

[reminder] Dragons & Captains

I have a bit of an amendment to make.

Earlier you were told that as a captain, you may choose your dragon if you know him/her already, and vice-versa as a dragon. However, what I meant was that if you are apping a captain, and your friend (or acquaintance) is apping a dragon, you could choose to be paired up with them.

Right now, it's looking like some people are confused. The rule was that you may choose an EXISTING or IN-THE-PROCESS-OF-BEING-APPED dragon, not make up one of your own. We're not going to NPC a specific dragon for you, after all. (And yes, this means that you can't chose a name, either.)

So, from now on, choosing your dragon is no longer an option. Sorry~ Once we have a good number of captains and dragons, we'll make a few tentative matches and turn to you for input. (We won't pair you up with a character you hate, don't worry.)

And by the way, this post isn't addressed at a specific person. It's happened a couple times already, but we're really just taking precautions so this doesn't get out of hand.


These are the characters that have been taken so far.
» North
» South
» Others

This shall be updated as soon as new characters are accepted. Please post your link to your character's profile here when you've been approved and you've made those swanky new LJs. Don't forget the summaries!

North.Collapse )

South.Collapse )

Others.Collapse )

[important post] Applications

The app templates are finally done! Feel free to start writing, guys.

At this time, we would really like captains and dragons. We can't get anything done without them.

Our tentative character limits are as follows:
[1] Captain
[1] Dragon
[2] Crew Members and
[2] Civilians (which you won't be able to app until later)
per member.

to the applications!Collapse )
I know this is long, but I'd like it if everyone at least skims it; this will hopefully give you context and a firmer grasp on the Civil War's history. The last bit is especially important, since it deals with the conditions of dragons in the Americas.

quite longCollapse )

Outline by our very own vervainwolf! ♥
Uhhhhhhh. Slight problem, guys.

I've got some real life crap going on right now, and basically I'm going to find it hard to get online for a while. I've got a bunch of stuff half-done, and urghhh.

I know a few of you were interested in modding, and I'd like to know if you still are. Right now, we need work. Typing up information and rules, getting the app formats ready, making it look pretty, possibly looking at apps, etc. If you're still interested, please email me (coralmade@gmail.com) to talk.

A quick reminder: this topic will be closing soon. If you would like to do any more writeups, please post them by the end of the weekend. After that, I'll be setting up rules and application guidelines and getting ready to start this place up.

Napoleonic Music

Okay, okay, so we're doing the American Civil War, but since Novik wove her world in the Napoleonic age, I thought you folks might find this interesting.

French military band music from the Napoleonic Wars here!

(Anyway, where's everybody?)

Dragon Breeds and Descriptions

This post contains every dragon breed available in the roleplay. Be sure to follow the breed's specified guideline, though some are more lenient than other--Alliance in particular. A breed may say "British" in the Alliance section, but you're allowed to create an American one. Just note that it would be rare. We don't want a million American Parnassians. ;)


lol it's Iskierka except not.
Temeraire roleplay - ooc comm


Welcome to temrp_ooc, where everything out of the RP community, liberty_flight, happen.

This is the OOC community for first Temeraire roleplay! \o/ If you’re even mildly interested, please pop on in and say hello! We’re going to need a lot of help to start this up, let me tell you.

Stop by and browse around our Relevant Entries! The information that you need should be there. :3

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